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Governor of NTT Province, Frans Lebu Raya gave a present for his former teacher; Jakobus Masan on the ceremony of National Education Day, May 2, 2016.

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

The ceremony of National Education Day, May 2, 2016 was a special moment for Governor of NTT Province, Frans Lebu Raya. It was special because after the flag ceremony that was held in front of home office of NTT Governor, Frans Lebu Raya met his former teachers, Jakobus Masan who had taught him in SMP. Jakobus formerly was an algebra teacher who taught Frans Lebu Raya.

At first, after the flag ceremony, dozens of dancers carried a stretcher covered with a white cloth. In front of that stretcher, Frans Lebu Raya read a poem for teachers. After he read that poem, the white cloth was opened and he saw his teacher. Frans Lebu Raya could not hold back his emotion when he met his former teacher. He hugged his former teacher and cried. For his former teacher, Frans Lebu Raya gave a motorcycle as a present.

After the ceremony, Governor of NTT Province explained that he wanted to give an award for teachers who had taught him, but he didn’t know who would come. He knew that person after the white cloth was opened. “I love teacher,” said Frans Lebu Raya.

The head of Education and Cultural of NTT Province, Sinun Petrus Manuk said that the meeting between the governor and his teacher was a surprise for the Governor planed by Education and Cultural Department. Manuk said that the moment was something that has been set to increase the appreciation and gratitude of society for the teachers.

Jakobus Masan said that it was an unforgettable moment for him, because he can meet his former student who has become a governor and can get award from his student. According to him, nowadays it is very rare to find official who invites his/her former teachers to be rewarded, but at that moment the governor of NTT proved that he greatly appreciated his teachers. (JKo)

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