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All the participants of journalism training in Midwifery Program of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang posed with MPC NTT team on May 13, 2016.

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

About 50 students of Midwifery Program of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang attended Journalism training for university students held by Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT (MPC NTT). The training that opened on May 13, 2016 and closed on May 14, 2016 held in the hall on Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang. In the opening ceremony of that training, there were the head of Midwifery Program, Bringiwatty Batbual, AMd, Keb, S. Kep. Ns. M. Sc; one of the formation division member of MPC NTT, Robertus Fahik, S.FIl, M.Si and also some lecturers of obstetrics department.

In that moment, Bringiwatty who opened the training appreciated MPC NTT in holding that training. According to her, the training is a good way for the students to learn how to write news, opinion, etc. She added that the training also can be a good chance for the students to learn about something that never learnt by them in their campus, because actually in their class, the students usually learn about the material deals with pregnancy, Childbirth, etc. In the end of her speech, Bringiwatty hoped that the moment can be used well as a knowledge sharing moment between MPC NTT team and the students. “We better share our knowledge, because if we already have certain knowledge, then the knowledge will eternal in our brain and will not divisible,” said Bringiwatty.

In his speech on the opening ceremony, Robertus explained about MPC NTT who has cooperating with some schools and university in holding journalism training for the students and also for the teachers. He also appreciated all components in Midwifery Program of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang who have provided opportunity for MPC NTT to hold the training. Robertus hoped that after the training, the students can start to reveal their ides in writing form, so their writing skill can be improved.

The first day of the training was attended well by the students. They enthusiastically attended the training and asked some questions to the informants who presented the material for them. In the end of the first day, students were given task to be done by them. (Jko)

Robertus Fahik and Bringiwatty Batbual in the opening ceremony of journalism training held for the students of Midwifery Program of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang on May 13, 2016.
The situation of journalism training held for the students of Midwifery Program of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang.

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