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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The crew of Cakrawala NTT

On 13th, 2015 Cakrawala NTT goes to Adonara. In that place Cakrawala NTT held a popular scientific paper writing training for teachers and students of SMAN 1 of West Adonara. SMAN 1 of west Adonara is a school located in Adonara island. In that school Cakrawala NTT met so many students who have good writing skill. Cakrawala NTT goes there not to teach them, but to improve their skill. In that moment, all the students were very happy. After learnt about how to write novel, poem, short story, they started to write. They wrote so many things in their wall magazine, such as short story, poem, traditional poetry, etc.  In other side, the teachers also were very enthusiastic. In order to be a professional teacher, they spent their time to learn about how to write essay, article, etc.

“Come on Adonara, let us go fly, go high!!”

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