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Cakrawala NTT team discuss with the rector of Muhamadiyah University of Kupang, DR. H. Sandi Maryanto,M.Pd 
on January 11, 2016
Cakrawala NTT team met the Rector of Muhamadiyah University of Kupang, Prof. DR. H. Sandi Maryanto,M.Pd on January 11, 2016. This meeting aims to discus about relationship between Cakrawala NTT and Muhamadiyah University and also some programs that will be done by Cakrawla NTT in this year. Agutinus Rikarno, S.Fil, the General Manager of Cakrawala NTT on that moment explained that in order to participate in education field, Cakrawala NTT will do some agenda which will be offered to Muhamadiyah University. 

One of the agenda that offered by Cakrawala NTT is Journalism class for the university students. Rikarno said that the concept of journalism class is Cakrawala NTT will profide lecturer to teach the university students, especially the students of Indonesian Language Study Program about journalism. The aim of this program is to improve university students’ knowledge about journalism. Beside that, the aim of this journalism class is also to improve students’ journalism skill, so they can use this skill after graduate from the university.

In that discussion Prof. DR. H. Sandi Maryanto,M.Pd promised that he will support Cakrawala NTT. He said that nowadays students must have the other skill except the skills and competence improved by the lecture in the campus. He explained that if the university students have another skill or competence when they graduate from university, then they will not depend on their diploma but they can use their competence and also skill in order to get job. In addition he also said that Muhamadiyah University will support programs prepared by Cakrawala NTT by giving chance to the students of Muhamadiyah University of Kupang to follow journalism training.

After discuss,  Cakrawala NTT team posed with 
The Rector of Muhamadiyah University of Kupang, DR. H. Sandi Maryanto,M.Pd on January 11, 2016. 


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