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Friday, 15 January 2016


In order to support teachers to be professional, AGUPENA (association of writer teacher Indonesia) held a writing workshop in Mauponggo and followed by 25 teachers. The material given on that training is about how to write PTK (Classroom action research) and informant of this training is Fidelis Sawu, S.Fil.

The situatuion when members of Agupena Nagekeo learnt about how to write PTK
The head of AGUPENA Nagekeo, Kanisius Bhoko said that PTK is a way done by the teachers to improve learning quality in the classroom. It is because teachers play an important role in learning process, especially in order to form and also to improve students’ attitude and also their talent. That is why; teachers must spend their time to learn more. In that moment, Fidelis Sawu, S.Fil explained that now a day teachers must write scientific paper and one of the scientific that must be written is PTK. Although teachers must be able to write PTK but until now there are so many teachers who cannot do this.

Cyrilus Bau Engo said that there are three factors that effect writing practice. Those factors are news, perspective, and also aesthetic. He realized that this is not easy, but if the teacher usually practice to write, then it will become easy. (*)  

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