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Lembata, CAKRAWALANTT.COM - In commemoration of the October 2021 dedicated as month of language literacy, SMAS Frater Don Bosco Lewoleba held a literacy activity which was attended by all teachers and 104 students for two days, October 29 and 30, 2021. This literacy activity was in collaboration with Media Pendidikan Cakrawala (MPC) NTT. The literacy activity was opened in the Fraternity Hall by the Principal of SMAS Frater Don Bosco Lewoleba, Fr. Norbertus Banusu, CMM, M.Pd and together with the Chairman of the Don Bosco Manado Foundation, Lembata Representative, Fr. Philipus Weredity, CMM M.Ag while still implementing the health protocol.


In the remarks, the principal said, “He really appreciates the organizing of literacy activity. This literacy activity is a very useful event for all school residents in commemorating the October 2021 dedicated as month of language literacy.  This activity provides a very strong motivation for all teachers and students to study and train themselves hard to improve writing skills”.


The chairman of the Don Bosco Manado Foundation, Representative of Lembata, said the same expression. “As the Chairperson of the Foundation, I really appreciate the implementation of this activity. This activity is extraordinary because it is related to the learning process. The learning process is part of literacy, so literacy is lifelong learning. Thus, through this activity we can hone and move our writing skills to be increase”.


This literacy activity was guided directly by resource persons from MPC NTT and their staff, namely Mr. Mustakim, M.Pd, et al who have volunteered their time to guide teachers and students in pursuing literacy activities. The series of activities are training in writing popular scientific articles for teachers and training in creative writing for journalistic works and adolescent scientific works for students. This activity produces outstanding and amazing written works of teachers and students.


The results of the work of teachers and students received appreciation from MPC NTT by giving a book entitled “Hanya Pikiran Yang Tidak Pernah Tua”, after presenting the results of scientific writing in front of the Principal, the Head of the Foundation and School supervisor. This literacy activity was closed again on Saturday, October 30 by the Head of the Foundation and together with the principal witnessed by School supervisor, the MPC Team, the teachers and students with a very happiness. Hopefully the literacy activities will increase and produce qualified teachers and students skilled in writing.          


News and Photo: Hotnida Friska Lumban Raja*

*English Teacher at SMAS Frater Don Bosco Lewoleba


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