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TTS, CAKRAWALANTT.COM - Soe, Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS), is one of the regions in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Taking approximately two hours of a road trip from Kupang city, we will be served by the distinct weather of Soe which is colder than Kupang. Soe is categorized as a quite small city yet has rich in hidden paradises such as mountains, nature preserves, and waterfalls. From a distance of kilometers, there is a high mountain that seems like calling the visitors’ names to visit it. One of the examples is the nature preserve of Fatumnasi. 


Does this place sound familiar? Well, Fatumnasi is generally known as a rock shaped like a mountain that has hilly views. To get there, we need to take 40km from Soe city and a quite high incline. It seems far away, but if we enjoy the trip, everything feels close. The beautiful views along the road will boost our mood and eyes. Passing through the road, the house of villagers are neatly arranged with the orange trees in front of every house. In addition, the sky is covered by the rows of towering Ampupu and bonsai trees, accompanied by the sound of the wind that shakes the leaves, and also severed by the herd of wild horses that are eating the grass. 


As soon as we arrived at Fatumnasi, it offers us a different panoramic view. The combination color of blue sky, white clouds, dark grey big rocks, and green trees makes our eyes pampered. A great bench made of bamboo gives another touch for visitors who are tired of hiking. This place is extremely gorgeous to be visited!


Text and photo : Ira Luik (red)


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