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Kota Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

University students should improve their journalism ability so their writing skill can be improved also. The statement above said by the secretary of Nursing Major of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang, Pius Selasa who represented the head of Nursing Major, Maria Margaretha Ulemadja Wedho on the opening ceremony of journalism training for the students of Nursing Major of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang. The training that was held by Nursing Major of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang in cooperating with Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT (MPC NTT) held in two days, started on May 13, 2016 and finished on May 14, 2016. The material on that training presented by Edy Lamawato, Robertus Z. Kaka and Yupiter Loinati, the team members of MPC NTT. There were also Vivi Tola Aty, the person in charge of student affairs of Nursing Majors and also Zachry Tola, one of the lecturers in that campus.

Pius explained that nowadays there is no students who publishing their writing in campus wall magazine. “Students don’t develop the tools for improving their writing skill, such as wall magazine. Hopefully after following this training, students are motivated to write,” said Pius. Edy in his presentation explained about some techniques in order to write news, feature and also popular scientific paper. In that chance, he also said that students must be brave and diligent in order to have a good writing skill. As same as Edy, Robert also said that everybody have their own skill in writing. In order to be a good writer, people must improve the skill step by step.

Anggreni Ribka Kamuri, one of the participants on that training said that she was very happy in attending the training. He added that if all students always attend the training, then of course students’ writing skill can be improved. The training was done well because all the participants attended the training enthusiastically.  (Zakarias Paus Tola/RZK)

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