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The situation of seminar held by PPO Department of Manggarai Timur regency on May 04, 2016.

Borong, Cakrawala NTT

PPO (youth education and sport) Department of Manggarai Timur regency held a seminar on May 04, 2016 in the hall of Kevikepan Manggarai Timur. The theme of this seminar was “Pendidikan oleh Semua” and attended by 400 teachers from 9 districts in Manggarai Timur Regency. Besides that, there were also Drs. Yoseph Tote, M.Si, regent of Manggarai Timur Regency; general manager of MPC NTT, Agustinus Rikarno, S.Fil; Dr. Fransiska Widyawati and also Drs. Yoseph Durahi.

The seminar was opened by Yoseph Tote who also presented the first material for the participants. In his speech, Yoseph said that education sector is the first target that must be developed. Besides that, he also said that underdeveloped villages in Manggarai Timur regency also must be developed by all components in that regency. As same as Yoseph, Fransiska Widyawati as the second informant also explained that education must be developed. She said that by education, people’s character can be improved, so all people can be detached from the old paradigms which can effect on education development in this era.

Agustinus Rikarno in that seminar talked about the importance of reading and writing. He explained that people in this era have no spirit to read and write, so MPC NTT as the one and only education media in NTT province suggests all components to love literacy.

The seminar was done well. All the teachers who attended the seminar were happy because they can get new information from all the informants on that seminar. (Mulia Donan/Jko)

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