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Kupang City’s 130th Anniversary Carnaval

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

KUPANG, Friday,22/4/2016. Although the sun shined in very brightly, and the temperature was quite high, many of Kupang’s citizens are in a good enthusiasim to see the carnaval of the city’s 130th anniversary which is also the 20th anniversary of the city’s government. A great numbers of people gathered in El Tari street, the meeting and start point for  the carnaval. Mostly they are parents who are taking and watching their children that participated in the carnaval. 

The carnaval was held by the government of Kupang City. The Major, Jonas Salean, vice Major, Herman Man, the head of Region Representative Council and its members were attending the event. The carnaval was started at 13.30 of the local time on El Tari Street and predicted to be done at about 18.00 on Sanitary and Landscaping office of Kupang City. More than a hundred teams that consisted of schools,the city government offices, subdistrict heads,village heads, the organization of Dharma Wanita, students organization, Polices, and the citizen from subdistricts in Kupang city area participated in this special occasion. (Armando).

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