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Students of TK Ade Irma Mataloko, Golewa District of 
Ngada Regency gather together on recess time in order to eat their foods. 
Expression written by John Donne in 1624; “no man is an island” shows all people around the world that there is no body in this world who live alone in his or her life. It means that human need the others to continue their life. In a simple sentence, it can be said that togetherness is very important in human life. 

Teachers of TK Ade Irma Mataloko, Golewa District of Ngada Regency know well that togetherness must be built on children selves; so when the children grow up, they can leave the life where they live alone, and then they will love the life where they live together. That is why, in recess time, 47 children in that school gather together in order to eat their foods. The foods were brought by them from their home. In that time, their teachers guided them.

Getrudis Wele, S.Pd, the head master of TK Ade Irma Mataloko and the other teachers in that school believe that togetherness that built on recess time will have a big effect for children’s personality. This little thing will make children respect one and each other and also will make them share one and each other. (*)

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