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Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

The governor of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Frans Lebu Raya held a press conference in the governor office on Thursday, December 17th, 2015. This press conference related to the celebration of 55th anniversary of NTT province, National Human Solidarity Day, and also mother’s day. There are many agendas done in order to celebrate the anniversary of NTT, national solidarity day, and also mother’s day, but the peak of those events will be held together on December 20th, 2015 in Kupang.

Related to the anniversary of NTT, Frans Lebu Raya said that NTT province has many progress in this year. The progress in NTT can be seen physically by looking at the Eltary airport, Tenau harbor, the number of plane which landed on the airport in NTT, etc. “For example, it’s difficult to find empty hotel room in NTT now. The other example, when I came back to Kupang some days ago by plane, I found that business class in that plane was full,” said Lebu Raya. It means that people outside interested to come here, because our province has unique things to be explored.

Lebu Raya said, “In education field, we still work hard in order to improve education quality in this province. We work hard for all of children in NTT, so they can join their friends in school. We work hard to improve teacher’s competence.” He added that there are many factors which affect the quality of education in NTT. One of the factors is teacher. He explained that teacher plays an important role in improving education quality, so the availability of teacher, teacher’s quality, teacher’s competence, and teacher’s prosperity are things that must be noticed. Besides that he said that new schools are found everywhere in NTT now. Some schools are well handed but some others no. “I always say that I give appreciation for those who open a new school, but I hope that the they can responsible for the implementation and the coordination of education in that school, so education quality can be improved,” explained Lebu Raya.

In that moment, Lebu Raya explained about many things that have been reached by the government of NTT. He also gave explanation about all the agendas that will be done in order to celebrate the anniversary of NTT province, National Human Solidarity Day, and also mother’s day. Besides that, he hopes that all of the agendas can be done well, so people in NTT can feel the effect of those events. (J’ko)

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