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By : Aloysius Aba,  S.Pd

(Teacher of SMA Negeri 1 Nubatukan)

CAKRAWALANTT.COM - Before I came to this university, I studied in school for twelve years. I studied in elementary school for six years, junior high school for three years, and senior high school for three years. Based on my experience while I was studying in school, I classify my teachers into three categories: funny teachers, serious teachers, and boring teachers according to their ways of teaching in class.


The first category is funny teachers. This kind of teachers can make the situation and atmosphere in class feel lively. This type of teachers sometime uses a funny word, sentence, or funny story in the class. They do that in order to make the learning process not boring. So that teachers can get the focus of the student and student feel relax with their lesson. Then, games are also the choice of the funny teachers in the class activity.


They use games in class to support them to teach some materials. Usually, they use suitable game to the material that they want the student to understand. And another characteristic of funny teacher is friendly. Mostly funny teachers are friendly people. They are the type of teacher that want to get closer to the student and help student if they find some difficulties in learning new materials.


The second category is serious teachers. Teachers which are included to this category are the teachers which use serious ways of teaching in every activity in class. Usually, serious teachers are very sensitive in rule. They do not let the student breaks their rules. They put rule as an important aspect in teaching in order to form the students’ disciplines.


Serious teachers also often make student learn in hard atmosphere. They do this to get students’ respect so that the student will focus to the material they explain. Serious teachers are very good actress. They act like they are very cruel persons but they really care with the student.


The last category is boring teachers. I think this category belongs to the teachers which explain their lesson with uninteresting activities. They do not use games. They do not present well their materials. They do not try to get the students’ attentions in class so the students are not interested in the lesson and busy with their own activities.


Boring teacher often use same technique in every class activity. They explain their materials without asking if the students understand or not. They keep using this technique every meeting so that the students get nothing from their materials and will make them not focus in class.


So, there are three categories of teachers that I classify. They are funny teachers, serious teachers, and boring teachers. Every category above can affect the students’ success in learning new materials. I think my favorite teacher is the teacher which belongs to the first category. However, I can still agree with the second one. For you who want to be a teacher, please determine what category of teacher will you take? Hopefully, you do not take the third one (MDj/red).

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