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Cici Namang was a very popular girl at school. She was clever and fun and got on well with everyone. It was no accident that Cici was so popular. From an early age, she had made an effort to be kind and friendly to everyone. She invited the whole class to her birthday party, and from time to time she would give presents to everybody. She was such a busy girl, with so many friends, that she hardly got a chance to spend time with individual friends. However, she felt very lucky; no other girl had so many friends at school and in the neighbourhood.


But everything changed on National Friendship Day. On that day, at school, everyone was having a great time, drawing, painting, giving gifts. That day in class everyone had to make three presents to give to their three best friends. Cici enjoyed the task of choosing three from amongst all the dozens of her friends.


However, when all the presents had been made and shared out among classmates,Cici was the only one who had not received a present! She felt terrible and spent hours crying. How could it be possible? So much effort to make so many friends, and in the end, no one saw her as their best friend? Everyone came and tried to console her for a while. But each one only stayed for a short time before leaving.


This was exactly what Cici had done so many times to others. She realized that she was a good companion and acquaintance, but she had not been a true friend to anyone. She had tried not to argue with anyone, she had tried to pay attention to everyone, but now she had found out that that was not enough to create true friendship.


When she got home that night, created quite a puddle with her tears, and Cici asked her mother where she could find true friends. “Cici, my dear,” answered her mother, “you cannot buy friends with a smile or a few good words. If you really want true friends, you will have to give them real-time and affection. For a true friend, you must always be available, in good times and bad”.


But I want to be everybody’s friend! I need to share my time among everyone!”, Cici protested.

“My dear, you’re a lovely girl,” said her mother, “but you can’t be a close friend to everybody. There just isn’t enough time to be available for everyone, so it’s only possible to have a few true friends. The others will by playmates or acquaintances, but they won’t be close friends”.


Hearing this, Cici decided to change her ways so that she could finally have some true friends. That night, in bed, she thought about what she could do to get them.


She thought about her mother. Her mother was always willing to help her, she put up with all of Cici’s dislikes and problems, she always forgave her, she loved her a great deal… That was what makes friends!


And Cici  smiled from ear to ear, realizing that she already had the best friend anyone could ever want.




We start our school life at a very young age. Before we can understand its importance, and before we see what it is really in it for us. It may begin to feel as if the school is just a place where children go to learn unnecessary formulas and complicated words that will never be used in an average conversation. Or learn things that do not relate in any way to the aspirations that have driven us during our childhood.


The day most dreaded; the first day of school is one that still makes grown men and women cringe when they think back in time. You walk inside a strange building, holding the hands of your parents in a place that smells of play dough. Your parents stand and begin to leave, but you grip onto their shirts in tears as they explain to you that it will be okay. When they go through that door you are left staring out the window which fogs up with your every breath. Watching their car leave a trail on the wet road as the weather matches your damp mood. You cry, wondering if you will ever again see those people that you love.


Soon, we learn to read and write. The topics are broad and varied. We excel in certain areas, but our skills are limited in others. Yes, we learn from teachers; but we learn from the other students around us who will aid you in the areas that you struggle, in exchange for help where you stand out. Our friends teach us to share and often show us ways to enjoy ourselves through games of hand-ball or scat-rat. It seems as if our lives can stay simple forever, but it is the way of life to grow up and walk opposite ways.


Before long, we reach the higher ages of schooling, where our workload increases and the air around others becomes tense. Throughout the years, our achievement varies as does the effort that we put into our work. Friends come and go and so do goals in life. It becomes much clearer that we can try something with unwavering resolve and not succeed but it helps us see the difference between the things that aren’t sensible for our future and the things that we enjoy and could spend the rest of our life doing. The time comes when the end is nigh and it feels as if we cannot go any further. Then we remind ourselves that there is not much to go, and we might as well complete it to the best of our abilities, like a sprint at the end of a prolonged race.


Only at the end can we look back, see our achievements and see the purpose of this thing we call the school. It is as if a thick fog lifts from our minds, and we can see why we spent most of our childhood enduring a school life. We perceive what we have learned and the opportunities that it has created for us. But when the big wide world opens up for us, and we see the true side of life, only then do we wish that we could continue our lives the same way it used to be; where we learn and enjoy the events that school life brings to us.




College life is a very good phase of our life. We miss those days when we all are a free bird to fly. That last day of college we never forget.


Last day of college was filled with emotions, memories. Today is our last exam and the last day of college. Everyone is nervous about the exam and emotional. It was a mixed feeling. We enter the college, the feeling was very different for all of us. Today we realize the importance of college.


We all went to our exam halls. The exam started, after the completion of exam we start creating the memories of this last day by filling slam book and writing on a shirt, best wishes for each other. Today we all realizing the importance of college and realize how precious is this college and those days which we spent in college together. All started clicking group photos more memories.


All remembering those days which spent together with those lecture, function, celebrations, friendship, first meeting everything. We talk to our teachers, click photos with them and thanks to them for their contribution to our life. we all start the last journey of college, went to each class, halls, labs, meet teachers, went to canteen were lunchtime was a fun spot for all. Before this, we never thought that last day of college is that important and precious for us and we take the admission in college we all have never thought one day this college become the best place for us.


College life and college become the most important and precious part of our life. After giving best wishes to all for their future we started to move towards the college gate and seeing college for last time. We all say goodbye to each other emotionally and promise to meet each other again and always keep in contact with each other. Finally, say goodbye and promise to come to visit the college again and moved towards their new life.


Today everyone is busy in their life but we still talk about college remember those beautiful days. College life is a very good phase in our life. We miss those days when we all are a free bird to fly. That last day of college we never forget still we have those shirts which are written by all and those best wishes still with us. No one can forget college last day. You can say that a beautiful day or an emotional day. Everyone has their definition for the last day of college.


(Rofinus R. Roning/MDj/red)


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