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Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

Literature is very important in building a civilization of a nation. Literature is able to fill the recesses of the human heart with poetry created writer. Understanding literature well, synonymous with a broad understanding of life under the universe. Literature penetrate the barrier of race, religion, race, class, and even national borders, so literature should be preserved and developed as part of human civilization. Literature should not be ignored. If we ignore the literary means we ignore beauty, dignity, honesty and tenderness. This event confirms that literature will never die. He will still alive.

The statement above stated by the head of Education and Cultural Department of NTT Province, Sinun Petrus Manuk when he opened literature stage of Language office guidance schools in the hall of Politeknik Negeri Kupang on April 29, 2016. He appreciated the stage held by NTT language office. According to him, education and culture are two things that should go hand in hand. In classroom teachers can create smart students, but students’ character should be able to complement the intelligence. Students’ character come from culture, include literature. “Educational and cultural affairs should be taken seriously for separating barbarity and civilization. Barbarity and civilization are two things that must not be combined. Trough away barbarity and fill our hearts with culture. That is our task,” said Manuk.

On that moment, the head of education quality guarantor department of NTT Province Minhajul Ngabidin, S.Pd., M.Si said that every human being, including children created by God with a variety of potency. Our task is to explore children’s potency. According to him, children’s success determined by 20% IQ and 80% EQ. “This event is a kind of activity to explore children’s potency. Our children have their potency. NTT culture is rich. If not we not preserve it, then who will preserve it,” said Ngabidin.

The head of NTT language Office, Valentina Lovina Tanate, S.Pd on her speech explained that the event was a literature appreciation event. Through the event, literature introduced to children. In other hand, by involving various literature communities, the writer in NTT united in education ecosystem.
“Our hope is by attending this event; children’s talent can grow up. Children are given 12 meeting to learn with the writer. In this year, we involve 12 schools. 6 schools in Kupang municipality, 5 schools in Kupang Regency, and 1 school in east Sumba,” said Tanate.

Cakrawala NTT saw that the event attended by hundreds of students, teachers, writers, and also representation of PPO Department of Kupang municipality and also Kupang Regency. After officially opened, the students performed some literature creativity such as drama, poetry, short story reading, and also pantun reading. Schools that attended this event are SDI Lasiana, SDN 1 Sikumana, SMP Kristen Tunas Bangsa, SMPN 3 Kupang, SMAN 7 Kupang, SMKN 1 Kupang, SDK St, Yosep Tarus, SD GMIT Manumuti, SMPN 1 Kupang tengah, SMPN 1 Kupang Timur, SMAN 1 Kupang tengah, and SMAN 2 Waingapu. (Roby Fahik/JKo)

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