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Kota Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

In order to improve young generation writing spirit, pharmaceutical majors of Poltekes Kemenkes Kupang cooperated with Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT (MPC NTT) held journalism training. The training that was held in room 2 of pharmaceutical majors started on 20, 2016 and finished on May 21, 2016. Furthermore, the materials on the training that participated by 50 students of pharmaceutical majors given MPC NTT formation division members, such as Robertus Fahik, S.Fil, M.Si; Edy Lamawato, S.S, M.Si and also Armando Sariano, S.Pd, M.Si.

On his speech in the training opening ceremony, Samuel D.I Makoil, S.Farm, Apt, one of the pharmaceutical majors’ lecturers who represented the head of pharmaceutical majors, Dra. Elisma, Apt, M.Si said that media is important for university students. It is because media can be used by students to express their ideas. He hoped that by attending the training, students can improve their writing skill, so they can express their ides in writing form. In the same moment, Edy Lamawato appreciated pharmaceutical majors’ lecturers and students in giving the chance for MPC NTT to hold the training. Edy hoped that the training can motivate the students to publish their writing, both in campus wall magazine of in other news paper of magazine. 

The participants responded the training positively. Maya, one of the participants said, “This training motivates me to improve my writing skill. I can get information about how to write through this training.” She also hoped that students who have a good writing skill should improve their skill well. (Angela Rahmatia, Maria Kedang, Ikmal Fitriananda, Ade Rianto)

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