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Siti Rahmani Rauf, creator of "INI BUDI" props

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

Most of the people in this country who have graduated from elementary school in 80s until today know “Ini Budi” phrase. Of course most of people know it, because that is the phrase usually taught by teachers when students learn to read and write in elementary school. Siti Rahmani Rauf is the woman who created this phenomenon method.

Siti Rahmani Rauf was born in Sumatera Barat on June 05, 1919. After she graduated from Belanda School in that island, she started to teach the students in Sumatera. Then, she went to Jakarta and became a teacher there. In 1986, Rauf got a project from National Education Department. In that project she prepared props for elementary students. In that moment, lesson textbook “Ini Budi” itself already exists, but the book required props in form of images that can clarify the contents of the book. Deals with that project, Rauf draw some pictures in order to explain the content of the book well. His work then known as Synthesis Analysis Structure method.

After the props finished, National Education Department published the book and used in elementary school. The props book of “Ini Budi” became a popular book for grade 1 students in elementary school. Besides that, the props book also can motivate the students to learn, because there are so many interesting pictures found in that book. Her props also help the students to learn read and write in Indonesia easily.

Siti Rahmani Rauf died two days ago, on May 10, 2016 at the age of 97. She will always be remembered because of his work in educating the nation's children.

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