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Oelamasi, Cakrawala NTT
The head of PPO Department of Kupang Regency; Dra. Yayuk E. Y Hardaniari, M.T opened the technical guidance on April 25, 2016.

Technical guidance that was held by PPO Department of Kupang Regency for the apparatus in PPO Department leaded by project leader, Eliazer Teuf, S.Pd, M.Pd. The technical guidance held in 4 days, started from April 25, 2016 and would be finished on April 28, 2016. In that moment, there was the head of PPO Department of Kupang Regency; Dra. Yayuk E. Y Hardaniari, M.T who opened that technical guidance. Yayuk delivered her speech on that moment and she hoped that the technical guidance can be attended by all participants well. Besides that she also hoped that the activity can be done well.

Eliazer as the project leader of that program on his reporting hoped that by holding this technical guidance, all participants can get information and also can understand about how to set employee working goal, how to manage assets using simda bmd 2.7.5 version application, the availability of the employee working target document (dokumen sasaran kerja pegawai/SKP), performance appraisal (penilaian prestasi kerja pegawai/PPK) in 2015 and also employee working goal in 2016, availability of school inventory data to be arranged well.

To the journalist of MPC NTT, Eliazer who also the secretary of PPO Department of Kupang Regency said that this technical guidance held because there were some employees who have no SKP and PPK document. In other side, there only 5 schools have asset inventory well detected by PPO Department in 2015. There were 444 schools that have not detected assets inventory, so that technical guidance held to motivate employee to meet the document, to detect and to inventory the asset well. Eliazer also explained that informants in that technical guidance came from Regional Employment Board, Department of Revenue Finance and Asset Management of Kupang Regency. (Yupiter/JKo)

The participants of technical guidance held on April 25, 2016.

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