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Kefamenanu Cakrawala NTT

In order to welcome HARDIKNAS (National Education Day) 2016, SMAN 2 Kefamenanu, Timor Tengah Selatan Regency holds some contests. The aim of the contests is to improve students’ knowledge and also students’ skill in art and sport field. The general theme of the contests is “Dengan semangat hari pendidikan nasional 2016, kita tingkatkan kedisiplinan dan kreativitas civitas akademika siswa-siswi SMAN 2 Kefamenanu”.

One of the contests is class wall magazine contest. In this contest, students are given chance to publish their wall magazine in their class. The class wall magazine will be rated by the contest committee. Besides that, the content of the wall magazine must be chanced every month, started from January until May 2016. So, there will be 4 editions of the class wall magazine that will be rated. 

Kinds of the writing that must be published in the class wall magazine are news, joke, poem, short story, class profile, legend, and also caricature. The aims of this contest are to improve students’ writing and reading skill, to improve students’ knowledge about literature and history, and also to give chance for the students to express their opinion and idea. “The class that becomes the winner of this contest will be given prize,” said Yuliana Sofia Ensi, S.Pd, the head of the contest committee. (*)

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