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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


“Write is a need. Our task as a teacher is create a smart generation who smart in all aspects, include cognitive aspect, moral aspect, and also spiritual aspect. Write is one of the ways to create the smart generation,” said Ruben Ndima, east Sumba PPO department secretary when he opened the writing training done by Cakrawala NTT in SMA 1 Haharu on October 26th, 2015. 
He said that write is a must for the teachers in order to improve their competence. He also hopes that the teachers write not only for improving their competence, but also write to improve their professionalism. Teachers not only teach in classroom, but also learn to update their knowledge, and then distribute it to the others by writing. 

Ruben Ndima (East Sumba PPO department secretary) with Lodu Namuronja, S.Pd (The head master of SMAN Haharu), Roby Fahik (Cakrawala NTT formation team), and Nimrot Ndjukambani. 

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