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PMUPGRI NTT Shown Their Ultimate Demands at DPR of NTT

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

Kupang, 21/4/2016. A group of students called their self as PMUPGRI NTT  (Persatuan Unversitas Mahasiswa PGRI NTT ( united students of PGRI NTT university)), come to the office of DPR (People's Representative Council ) of NTT province at the El Tari street of Kupang,NTT in 10.30 AM. They have been marching from their campus which takes about an hour to reach their destination. The demonstration was under the guarding of the local police officers. Along their way to the office, they speak out some important points of their action to the public.  

The group is led by some students that can be seen as the action coordiantors. They taken a place in a mini truck type of car, decorated the vehicle with indonesian national flag,and printed banners. They put their position at the front of the parade. These students read out their demands which are : the students do not trust in the education official of PGRI University, and they want to be saved from the internal conflict that happening in the university. Mostly, this group shared a sad story about how they have been suffered a lot as being the real victim of the conflict. Their oration told about their parents who have put many hopes in their education only to see that they will fail.

 The group is welcomed by Albinus Y. Salem the head of public relation and protocol division of DPR NTT. Albinus said that the demands are accepted to be discused furthermore by the council that will be actively work on 27/4/2016. (Armando)

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