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Friday, 15 January 2016


Students and teachers of SMPN 1 Kupang Timur celebrated their school’s birth day 

In celebrating its anniversary, SMPN 1 Kupang Tengah made a simple celebration. This celebration followed by all of the students, all teachers, parents, the school committee, and the member of regional assembly of Kupang district. After pray, the head master of this school deliver her speech for all people there. In her speech, Leno Elviani H. Kleing, S. Pd gave thanks to God and also appreciated all the teachers who have worked hard for that school in order to improve the quality of SMPN 1 Kupang Tengah. Kleing explained that by working hard, SMPN 1 Kupang Tengah can be an example for the other schools in Kupang district in applying 2013 curriculum. 

School committee, Adi Koroh invited all components in that school to evaluate their work, transparent, and also be communicative. In his speech Koroh said that evaluation, transpiration and also communicative have a good effect to improve the quality of that school. The celebration done well because in that moment students amused all people there by performing songs that sang by some vocal groups, poems, etc. Besides that, students also received some door prizes. (*)


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