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Oelamasi, Cakrawal NTT

May 26, 2016 was a historic day for people in Oebelo, Kupang Regency. On that day, the regent of Kupang regency, Ayub Titu EKi inaugurated a school in that place named SMPK Rehobot. Kornelis Kiyong, the head of Rehobot Foundation on his speech said that at first there was only Rehobot Kindergarten in which the roof of that kindergarten was made of gewang. Nowadays, Rehobot School consists of Kindergarten, Elementary School and also Junior High School.

The inauguration started on 09.00 o’clock. In that moment, the elementary students opened the inauguration with their dancing. After that, Pdt. Erastus gave an afterthought. The theme of his afterthought was “Ditebus oleh Darah Kristus.” On that moment, there were Ayub Titu Eki, the regent of Kupang Regency and also Eliaser Teuf Eliaser Teuf, the secretary of PPO Department of Kupang Regency.

Ayub Titu Eki on his speech appreciated Rehobot Foundation who has built the school in Kupang Regency, because according to him, if the school expects fund from local government, then the building in that school will not fancy as now. He hoped that in the future there will be Rehobot Senior High School in that place, because output of Kristen School will have a different life quality. In the end of his speech, Ayub Titu Eki invited all teachers and also the students to start Tanam Paksa Paksa Tanam program in that school.

Eliaser Teuf Eliaser Teuf also appreciated Rehobot Foundation for their participation in education field. He hoped that education management in that school can be managed well by paying attention on Permendiknas No.28 tahun 2010 about head master position because according to him there are so many head master in private school in Kupang regency who always be replaced. (Yupiter/Jko)

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