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Indonesia Mengajar Sharing Story and Information About their Program

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT 

25/5/2016, Located in the Library Room of PIKUL, an NGO based in Kupang, the story and information sharing was done for more than two hour, started from four o’ clock of the local time. The occasion was named “Rabu Berbagi Bersama Indonesia Mengajar”( Indonesian : Wednesday of Sharing with Indonesia Mengajar). It was Septiani C. Suyono, one of the “Pengajar Muda” (Indonesian : Young Educator) who followed the program and has spent a year in Regency of Tulang Bawa Barat, Lampung who shared her story and give a presentation about Indonesia Mengajar. She is the 9th generation of the program recruitment. The sharing was aimed to provide information related to Indonesia Mengajar. This social education movement has been a popular thing among the young teachers across Indonesia. The country wide archipelago and plurality of culture offered an exciting yet high risked adventurous even in the term of social activity. Ani Said that the purpose of the movement is to educate the childrean in the chosen area to be awake about their identity as an Indonesian who deserve of some education right. “This is what our founding fathers has told in the basic constitution when they build this country” Said Ani. The discussion was participated by teachers, artists, activists, volunteer worker, and some students of Kupang. (Armando)

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