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Movie Screening of “Humus” in F-Square Kupang

Kupang, Cakrawala NTT

Movie Screening Room.
Held in the F-Square Building in the area of Oebobo, Kupang City, in Saturday, 9th April 2016, the movie screening was attended by many of young movie viewers. The theme of the movie is really close to these viewers, since it was the story about two best friends who were challenged by an condition where one of them must be able to have a big heart and going through an agony of forgiving the other for a painful mistake he was done.

Humus is a short movie that directed by Rucita Nandisa Putri, a school teacher who works at the Lentera Elementary School in Kupang. She is also the movie’s script writer. The screening was mostly attended by her students. They wanted to see how their own school mate acting in the movie.

Discussion was done after the screening

This story about a son of a fisherman who learn about forgiving other, especially his own best friend, is really a good entertainment for the viewers. The screening was done in F-Square building,in Oebobo,Kupang, a location that will be used for the weekly movie screening by the Komunitas Film Kupang (Kupang Movie Community). This screening is a good sign for the development of movie’s apreciation in Kupang. Many Kupang’s young community have seen and attracted by the potency that can be brought by the use of multimedia. A movie entitled "Konjak Julio",another film produced by Kupang's film activist, is shown as an opening for the whole screening. Humus is one of the three movies that was chosen for the award of  XXI Short Film Festival 2015. (Armando)
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