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Oelamasi, Cakrawala NTT
The situation of OSN in Kupang Regency that was held at SMPN 1 Kupang Timur on February 18, 2016, 
all the students did their best in order to be the winner. Photo by: Yupiter Loinati
There are 643 students from 54 schools in Kupang regency attended OSN (Olimpiade Science Nasional)/ The National Science Olympiad at regency level. This OSN was held in SMPN 1 Kupang Timur on February 18, 2016. The lessons which were tested in this competition are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Astronomy, Economics, Geography and Earth lesson. Every student represented their own school and the students who win each of the lessons tested today will attend the Olympiad at the Provincial level. It means that students who win at the Kupang Regency level will represent Kupang Regency in the Provincial level. 
The journalist of Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT who watched this Olympiad saw that the students attended the Olympiad seriously. Every student did their best in order to be the winner. In addition, the result of the OSN at Kupang Regency level will be published later after the assessor team of this OSN checks all of the students’ work. (*) 
Dessy Rihilo, Student of SMAN 1 Fatuleu. 
She is one of the students who attended the OSN on February 18, 2016. 

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