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Thursday, 11 February 2016


Oelamasi, Cakrawala NTT

The opening ceremony of popular scientific paper writing training which was held for the teachers 
in Fatuleu Tengah District of Kupang Regency on February 05, 2016 

25 elementary school teachers in Fatuleu Tengah district of Kupang Regency attended a popular scientific paper writing training that was held by Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT. The training was held on February 05, 2016 until February 06, 2016 and was opened by Dra. Yayuk E.Y Hardaniari, MT; the head of PPO Department of Kupang Regency. In that moment, the training material was presented by Agustinus Rikarno, S. Fil; the General Manager of Media Pendidikan Cakrawala NTT.

Dra. Yayuk E.Y Hardaniari, MT in her speech appreciated the teachers who would like to learn about how to write popular scientific paper. She explained that the teachers must read many books if they wants to be a good writer, because according to her, writing skill comes from reading skill. “If people have a good reading skill, then they will be able to write,” said Yayuk. The training was attended well by the teachers. In the process of that training, they do their best in expressing their idea. Good luck teachers…!


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