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Cakrawala NTT Education Media was established on November 23, 2013. This media is one of the divisions in Cakrawala NTT Institution that has notary public official number document Num.21, October 16th, 2013 and was listed in Kupang district court secretary number 499 Lgs/ 2013/ PN-KPG on October 17th, 2013. Cakrawala NTT Institution has 4 (four) division, include information division, formation division, journal division, and also broadcast and website division. All divisions aim to develop the nation’s intellectual life by motivating young generation in NTT to interested in and to love literasi (read and write) culture.  

In Information division Cakrawala NTT Institution exist through Cakrawala NTT Magazine. Cakrawala NTT Magazine is the first and the only one magazine in East Nusa Tenggara that focus on education and usually publishes information deals with education (formal and non formal). This education magazine consists of 52 full color pages and published every two weeks with 23356-2250 as its ISSN number. In formation division, Cakrawala NTT institution has three special teams in order to improve students’ and teachers’ writing skill. In this division, the staffs of Cakrawala NTT Institution come as teachers who give training for students and also teacher about how to write scientific paper, popular scientific paper, essay, journalistic, etc.  

Journal division publishes Cakrawala NTT Education Journal.  Cakrawala NTT Education Journal published every four months. The ISSN number of this journal is 2477-814. Hopefully Education Journal which is published by Cakrawala NTT can be used as media for all people, especially for teachers, lecturers, university students, education researchers, etc to share their knowledge or ideas about education. The last but not the list broadcast and website division. Related to broadcast, Cakrawala NTT institution through RRI Kupang discuss about education in NTT. Every Monday afternoon Cakrawala NTT invites credible informants to discuss about many things related to education in NTT. Website that found in this division aims to inform all people around the world about education, especially education in east nusa tenggara. It is because Cakrawala NTT believe that all people must work together in order to improve education quality.

Our dream is to reach the golden generation of East Nusa Tenggara 2050

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  1. selamat siang, saya ingin mendaftar menjadi salah satu penulis di Cakrawala NTT. bagaimana caranya ?